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Nestaflex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

The ALL-BOLTED Nestaflex 375 is designed for use in high-volumn shipping and receiving applications, especially distribution centers. This exceptional conveyor is application specific to meet individual material handling requirements. The 375 is a heavy duty, self tracking gravity skate wheel conveyor that has a per lineal foot capacity of 375 pounds! The ALLBOLTED steel frame construction and rugged 4 point leg connection provide the structural integrity and durability needed for today's most demanding applications!

NESTAFLEX 375 TRUCK LOADING SYSTEM The Nestaflex 375 is the leading expandable conveyor for outbound product and can be equipped with several engineered options to maximize performance. Fixed height perpendicular legs make sure your conveyor pitch remains constant and provides gravity flow, while the Herringbone Transition centers your product as it goes from your fixed conveyor to the truck loading system. Storage is made simple by the Guide Track System designed to allow you to store the 375 under your fixed conveyor to maximize control and storage space.

NESTAFLEX 375 RECEIVING SYSTEM The Nestaflex 375 is also the conveyor of choice for your high volume receiving applications. Larger casters help move the conveyor easily over dock plates. The optional receiving impact conveyor can be built into your system to help add longevity to the overall system and reduces maintenance issues. We encourage you to take advantage of our free application analysis to determine the operational efficiencies that can be gained from the Nestaflex 375 and the flexible material handling smart solutions team.

Standard Features and Options

All steel construction.

Conveyor formats
Available in 18", 24", 30" and 36" widths. Lengths can be tailored to your needs.

Height adjustment
Preset individual leg heights are application-specific. To maintain gravity flow, a pitch of 5/16" per foot is recommended. Conveyor height engineered to your specific applications.

Zinc-plated, heavy-duty perpendicular leg supports made from tubing with welded, double cross braces.

Side links
Conveyor side links are made from 7-gauge steel.

Skate wheel options

P) Black polymer with 7 steel ball bearings in a captive race - provides superior wheel rotation.

S) Steel skate wheel with steel ball bearings - impact-resistant, moderate to high volume.

Heavy-duty casters

Standard 6" x 2" swivel casters with heavy-duty stem. Optional 8" x 2" casters available. Both have steel foot brake that locks wheel and swivel simultaneously.

Skate wheel axles are 5/16" diameter. Standard axle centers are 5 1/4", 4" and 3" to handle small cartons. Other options are available.

Couplers are standard. Optional universal connectors are available to couple to other extendable conveyor brands.

Box stop/handle
Standard package stop is retractable. Optional heavy-duty roller package stop available.

Unidirectional side guards available for special product needs.

Optional impact section available for receiving applications.

Optional swing stick available for dockless receiving applications.

Two-year factory warranty.

Shipping Accessories

Standard roller: Spring-loaded rollers within a rigid steel frame. Hinge mounting plate bolts to fixed conveyor, allowing units to ride up and down as conveyor is extended or contracted.

Herringbone option
Centers cartons on roller transition.

Guide TrackTM ensures proper alignment of conveyor in stored position beneath stationary conveyor.

Power Assist Accessories
Allows you to maneuver heavy conveyor systems.

Receiving Accessories
Impact conveyor: Permanent Nestaflex rigid impact conveyors for high-volume receiving applications. Steel skate wheels or rollers within a rigid aluminum frame. Steel mounting plate provided for conveyor connection.


Built-in impact
Integral reinforced end section with 3" axle centers and steel skate wheels.


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