3" and 4" I-Beam Monorail Conveyors by Richard-Wilcox

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveyor Systems


I-Beam Monorail Overhead Track Conveyor with heavy duty capacity

Since the time of the first automobile, I-Beam overhead conveyors have brought increased efficiency to production lines. Heavy duty capacity I-beam monorails handle the tough jobs for transporting and storing work in process:  3" and 4" track constructed from high strength carbon steel, have heavy duty capacity. Trolleys and load bars handle up to 400lbs each with 3" track and up to 800lbs each with 4" track. Drop-forged trolleys incorporate rivetless chain construction and have a variety of control systems: simple manual, PLC based or PC based.

The I-Beam Monorail Overhead Track Conveyor is an open design conveyor where the chain rides on an I-Beam. This type of overhead conveyor is used for applications requiring higher capacities. Both the size of the I-Beam as well as the chain can be designed to accommodate various capacities. The I-Beam monorail is durable and long lasting, creates usable floor space, and has multifunctional capabilities. Applications include: Paint lines, “Live” storage of products, Work in progress, and Automotive assembly lines.

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