Bag Dump Station controls dust  for minor ingredient addition to batch processes

TYPE: Dust Collectors Separator Systems

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment bag dump dust control stations for minor ingredient addition to batch processes.

Typical Products Handled:
• plastic pellet • plastic engineered resin • flour • semolina • wheat flour • tortilla flour • starch • sugar • dextrose • gelatin • carbon black • sodium nitrate • salt • modified food starch • hydrated lime • calcium carbonate • baking soda

Materials of Construction:
Our bag dump stations are either mild steel and primed and painted with (food FDA epoxy) or 304 stainless steel food industry where we fabricate receivers out of 304l stainless steel with a variety of weld finishes to suit your application.

We typically supply cartridge filters with reverse pulse jet cleaning for our standard design. The bag dump tray and hopper are 42", but can be customized to suit your needs. Work platforms are standard options. We can design units to fit existing ribbon blender mixers.

Filter Cartridges and Bags:
Specialty bags include Gore-Tex, Tetratex, PTFE coated 16oz polyester.

Timer controls:
Timer boxes are provided and typically mounted and pneumatically plumbed before shipment. We use Dwyer model DCTt-500 or DCT-1000 timer boards for either 110v ac or 24v dc control wiring.

Goyan solenoids are mounted on the timer boxes and exhaust outside the control panel.

Compressed Air:
We provide a compressed air heard mounted to the for an adequate reservoir supply of cleaning compressed air.

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