BestFlex Powered 1.5 Roller Conveyor

TYPE: Expandable / Accordion Conveyors

MODEL: 1.5 Bestflex
MANUFACTURER: Nestaflex Accordion Flexible Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyor that is portable, expandable and flexible

This powered expandable conveyor can instantly set up a conveyor line anywhere in your facility.

The Bestflex Powered 1.5 Roller Conveyor has a capacity of 100 pounds per lineal foot, level surface.

It can bend or flex to configure to docks, storage rooms, and other applications where a straight conveyor is unsuitable.  

The Bestflex, with its innovative design, requires less storage space when fully retracted, and with its all-bolted construction and durable design, is the smart solution for distribution centers, warehouses, order fulfillment center and retail stores where there is high volume cross docking, loading and unloading applications.

With features such as built-in impact conveyor, electronic indexing, zero pressure accumulation, and power assist, the Bestflex is the next step in automating your application. The 1.5 is also a smart solution in packaging and manufacturing applications allowing greater product control and maximizing worker efficiency.

Like all Nestaflex conveyors, the 1.5 Bestflex is portable and expandable.  It can be configured to meet your specific material handling needs. 

Engineers are available at Thomas Conveyor to assist you in determining if the Bestflex Powered 1.5 Roller Conveyor is the correct powered conveyor for your portable conveyor application.  Contact us today!

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