Case Former / Case Erector

Automated Case Forming machine that erects cases for packaging on a conveyor line.

TYPE: Packaging Equipment

MODEL: Wexxar WF30 Case Former/Case Erector

Automated packing equipment, such as a Case Former or Case Erector, is used to form and erect a square case with speeds up to 30 cases per minute.

The Wexxar WF30 Fully Automatic Case Former/Case Erector utilizes advanced technologies to reliably form and erect a square case each and every time. It is corrosion resistant and has a paint free frame construction.  Model WF30 is available in tape or hot melt glue sealing.  By efficiently and consistently erecting boxes, automatic packing equipment can provide increased production and labor savings in the packaging industry.  With speeds up to 30 cases per minute, the WF30 employs the patented and reliable Pin & Dome technology and servo drives for extreme precision. 

The WF30 Automatic Case Former features the HMI colour touchscreen interface which allows for quick and easy case size adjustments. Box one is ready to run without the use of tools or guide books. The color coded, machine instructions offer a convenient and user friendly guide for operators.

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment has systems integrators available to determine if the Wexxar WF30 Fully Automatic Case Former/Case Erector is the correct equipment for your application. Contact TCE to start designing your industrial packaging system.

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