Conveyor Guard Side Rail Guarding  protects the conveyor from damages and protects employees from injuring themselves on sharp edges of the conveyor

TYPE: Conveyor Guard

MODEL: Side Guarding

Conveyor Side Rail Guards ensure full protection for personnel working near conveyor lines. End caps & product stops are available!

Conveyor Guard Side Rail Guarding is designed to mitigate risk against accidents while providing a more comfortable & safe work environment for employees. Conveyor Guard has designed and patented its extrusion molded plastic guards, to provide a comfortable bumper to protect employees from potential hazard of sharp and hard metal edges of conveyor systems. Conveyor guards are designed for safety at the side rails of those critical areas of the conveyor line. The half round guard is an extrusion molded ABS.  ABS is a rigid yet flexible material and has a strong resistance to corrosion from chemicals and physical impacts. This guarding also helps to improve the appearance of the conveyor line while protecting the conveyor system.

The guard simply snaps on the steel side frame. Because its unique manufacturing process is performed right here in the U.S., Conveyor Guard offers fast delivery at a fraction of the cost of custom steel guards. Sizes available are 1” x 2.5”, 1.5” x 3.5”, & 1.5” x 6.5”. The standard color is gray. Conveyor Guard Side Rail is shipped in 10’ lengths, and foam conveyor padding is available. Please note a $100 minimum order is required.

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