Duroflow Blower Positive Displacement Model 7018VT

7018VT; Duroflow Blower; Pressure Vacuum; Schwitzer; Model GGGDACA;

TYPE: Duroflow Blowers

MODEL: Model 7018VT

Duroflow® Blowers Industrial Series Positive Displacement Blower & Vacuum Pump Model 7018VT GGGDACA

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PDF of 7018VT Duroflow Blower Vacuum Performance Curve

PDF of 7018VT Duroflow Blower Pressure Performance Curve

The Duroflow Model 7018VT GGBAABA is used in pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. The blower is a key component in pneumatic conveying dry bulk powder handling systems.

Product Features: • 10”line size- pipe or tube • 175hp pressure- 100 hp (horsepower) vacuum • Maximum pressure: 15 psi, maximum vacuum: 15" hg, maximum rpm: 2650 • Connection size: 10” 150# flange • Lubrication: aeon® synthetic oil (recommended)

Oil capacity- horizontal or vertical mounting of the blower determines the oil capacity. Horizontal mounted blowers: shaft end- 123 oz.,  gear end- 160 oz., vertical mounted blowers: shaft end- 48 oz., gear end- 64 oz.  Shipping weight: 1120 pounds.

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