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Flite Sorter Roach Model FS150 is great for sorting fragile products prone to damage.  It can also sort a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights

TYPE: Miscellaneous Power Conveyors

MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Flite Sorter for Sortation of fragile products and a wide variety of sizes, shapes & weights.

Flite Sorter Roach Model FS150 can also be referred to as a Sliding Shoe Sorter. Sliding Shoe Sorters are most commonly associated with high speed product or case sortation. The carrying surface is comprised of conveyor flights (slats or tubes), each of which is attached to a drive chain running inside each sorter side channel.  Sliding divert shoes, which are supported by the conveyor flights, push the load off the sorter at the appropriate sort destination.  The number of shoes used to divert a load is determined at induction and is dependent upon the length of the product.  Shoe sorters are great for sorting fragile products prone to damage.  They are also great for handling a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights.  It’s not uncommon for sliding shoe sorters to achieve rates in excess of 250 cases per minute, although the Flite Sorter Roach Model FS150 sorts up to 150 cartons per minute.

The heart of most distribution and manufacturing centers today is sortation.  If it is applied correctly, products are efficiently routed to appropriate areas of the facility.  Applied incorrectly, and the consequences can be catastrophic, often times costing companies millions of dollars in wasted labor and non-value added processes. Let the systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor determine if the Flite Sorter Roach FS150 is the correct sorter for your application.

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