Gorbel Enclosed Track Jib Cranes can be used for supporting tools in an industrial workstation

TYPE: Gorbel Crane and Monorails

MODEL: Jib Crane

Enclosed track jib crane for supporting tools for coverage in workstations

Thomas Conveyor provides quality Gorbel Enclosed Track Jib Cranes which are more ergonomically designed and lighter weight than the standard I-beam Jib Crane.   The enclosed track jib cranes provide excellent coverage in circular areas not efficiently served by a main crane. This leads to increased productivity for your application. On top of the increased productivity, the enclosed track jib has less shipping costs due to the lighter weight of the jib.  They're ideal for supporting vacuum lifters, manipulators, tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, and welding wire feeders on the jibs’ boom.  These articulating jib cranes have booms with two axes so they can reach around obstacles, such as columns.

Gorbel Enclosed Track Jib Cranes can be a free standing work station jib crane, a wall mounted work station jib crane, a free standing tool solution jib crane or an all mounted tool solution jib crane.  Which model will best suit your application?  The systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor are available to assist.  Contact us today!

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