TYPE: Conveyor Accessories

MODEL: Conveyor Guide Rails
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Guard Rails In Several Styles For Medium Duty & Heavy Duty Rails

Protect your product and keep it on track with Roach Conveyor Guard Rails.  Keep product from straying over the edge of conveyor runs with sturdy guardrails that are available in several styles, adjustable channel guards, fixed channel guards, angle guards, and heavy duty angle guards and formed steel guards.  Help protect employees and staff from getting clothing entangled in rollers and save on product damages from falling off the edge of the conveyor.  Angle guardrail has a powdered painted steel finish and bolts directly to the frame and extends 1" above the conveyor surface.  Angle guardrail is best used with bottom heavy packages or slow moving products around curves.  Adjustable guard rails are mounted on "L" shaped rods and bolted to existing holes on the conveyor frame. 

Trust the experts at Thomas Conveyor to keep your products moving and your employees safe. Our system integrators are available to design your conveyor system with Guard Rails that will keep product form falling over the edge.

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