TYPE: Lift-O-Flex® Ergonomic Lifters


Dynamic ergonomic material handler for heavy duty weight capacity applications available in wash down series

Roni's wash down series Lift-O-Flex® ergonomic lifter offers dynamic load handling characteristics for heavy load capacities. The wash down series has a lift capacity of 350lbs. A larger configuration is available with a lift capacity of 500lbs. The Lift-O-Flex wash down series can lift and turn, move, pour, position and load your coil, spool, drum, barrel, bags, box or tote. Standard and custom end-effectors provide for flexibility in equipment selection to better fill your ergonomic lifting requirements. The Roni wash down series lifter utilizes many of the same basic lifter components as the 19000 series lifters. This provides the ability to adapt the lifter to meet future needs without incurring the cost of complete replacement.

The Lift-O-Flex wash down series are easy to operate, adjustable ergonomic lifters that are designed to withstand water for easy cleaning. A hose or power washer can be used to clean or sanitize the lifter. Many of the basic components are the same as the 19000 lifter series, making the Lift-O-Flex a cost effective and versatile option. Some of the benefits of the Roni wash down series include: easy cleaning/sanitation, easy maneuverability, current limiting, and standard and custom leg configurations.  A variety of tooling attachments can be added to fit your ergonomic lifting requirements. The experts at Thomas Conveyor can assist you with your next ergonomic lifting application.

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