Line Shaft Conveyors

Line shaft conveyors can be used for both transporting and accumulating products.  The line shaft conveyor makes use of a drive shaft with shafted spools which run the length of the underside of the conveyor. The shafted spools drive belted flexible bands which in turn drive each of the individual load rollers.  Since the rollers are individually powered, line shaft conveyor can easily be used for accumulation operations where there is a minimum amount of back-pressure on the product being transported.

Below are the models we carry:
Light Duty Line Shaft Conveyor (Roach Model 738LS)
Has a unique design when back pressure is applied to the product being conveyed, the spools driving the rollers will slip on the shaft allowing the product to accumulate with minimum back pressure.
Light Duty Line Shaft Conveyor (Roach Model 738LSC)
Has tapered rollers to help the conveyed product maintain orientation. The curve has straight line, shaft driven sections and includes close roller centers as a feature. It is designed for flat-bottomed loads that are evenly distributed, commonly found in distribution, warehousing, and food-processing industries.
Line Shaft Driven Curve Module Conveyor (Roach Model 796LSC)
A line shaft curve, featuring tapered rollers.  The tapered rollers help by maintaining product orientation and reducing the number of overall drives. The name of this conveyor is derived from the drive system which has a shaft running the full length.
Line Shaft Converging Spur Module (Roach Model 796LSS)
Allows products to flow form spur lines and merge onto straight line, shaft driven conveyors. These conveyors are used in converging and diverging applications. These can also be self-powered or slave driven.
Line Shaft Diverging Switch Module (Roach Model LSDS)
Used in diverging applications where a line shaft is suitable. A diverter or diverter assembly is provided for diverting objects away from the main conveyor. This model’s pivot section of rollers diverts packages on to the spur quickly and efficiently.
Line Shaft Gate Module (Roach Model 796LSG)
Allows for quick and easy walk-through and can be added anywhere on the conveyor line. This model offers versatility where no drive is required and it offers operator accessibility, eliminating dangerous walk-overs. The gate acts as a draw bridge; when raised, products stop at the end of the previous conveyor, and only continues when the gate is closed.
Line Shaft Cross Over Module (Roach Model 796LSX)
It can efficiently take products from one conveyor and deposit them on another conveyor. They can handle small or large products, even those with unstable bases. Available in lengths 2' -10' , they are the perfect solution in making productive use of dead space.
3-Strand 90° Round Belt Transfer Roach Model RBT3
Ideal for moving products from one location to another in a straight line, either horizontally or at an incline. This model provides an excellent method of transferring up to 100 lbs of product at 90° intervals. No drive is necessary when mounted in an optional line shaft driven conveyor.

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Line Shaft Driven Cross-Over Module Conveyor for Product Cross Over Applications


3-Strand 90-Degree Round Belt Transfer Line Shaft Conveyor for 90-Degree Interval Product Transfer Applications


Line Shaft Conveyors designed to conveyor flat bottomed loads