TYPE: Stainless Steel and Corrosion Free Conveyor Systems

MODEL: Mat-Style
MANUFACTURER: Modular Conveyor Express

MatTop Plastic Belt Conveyor with a stainless steel and carbon steel frame design, ships in 5 – 10 working days from Modular Conveyor Express.

A Mattop Belt Conveyor is a thermoplastic conveyor belt constructed from a series of "flights" attached together by connecting rods.

This conveying system has a stainless steel and carbon steel frame. A mattop conveyor is driven by plastic sprockets attached to a square drive shaft that ensure positive belt tracking.   It has a wide range of features that include durability, wash down, impact resistance, temperature resistant and is ideal for product accumulation.

A MatTop conveyor can run at speeds up to 300 feet per minute (fpm) and handle heavy loads with a belt pull of up to 907 pounds per foot of belt width. 

MatTop conveyors are used in a wide scope of applications:

  • Food processing applications range from purveying of meat, processing of vegetables, and food assembly lines for pizzas, sandwiches and prepared meals.
  • Automated filling lines utilize Mat top conveyors for an accumulation of products prior to filling, capping, and sealing.
  • Industrial applications include pallet, parts and case handling applications.
  • Mat top conveying is ideal for parts washers, and any wet application where standard belt conveyors will not work effectively.

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