Mechanical Lifts | VRC Carriages can be customized based on the load capacity and platform size that works best on your VRC for your production facility

TYPE: Mechanical Lifts

MODEL: VRC Carriages

VRC Carriages vary in Capacity, Size, and Capabilities based on Application Requirements

Deciding which type of Mechanical Lifts | VRC Carriages are right for your application depends upon the load capacity and platform size that works best for your production facility. Thomas Conveyor’s material handling specialists can provide you with the right solution. To protect your VRC, the carriage floors and walls are painted and can be protected with galvanized diamond plate armor. All VRC carriage options are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards to meet your needs for safety, reduced wear, and increased material protection. Options include: Straddle Carriage, Cantilever Carriage, or Knock Down Straddle Carriage.

Thomas Conveyor has the engineering capabilities, experience and technical know-how to solve a multitude of vertical lifting problems. TCE has designed vertical lifts to move materials that weigh 10lbs to over 100,000lbs, with carriages from 30"x 30" to 30'x 30', and vertical rise heights from 4' to over 200'. TCE has built large load working platforms, over and under equipment for assembly lines, and hopper transfer systems. Whatever the size, speed and vertical height your Mechanical Lifts | VRC Carriages application demands, we'll help you develop the best solution. Contact TCE today!

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