Metalfab LVT Low Vibration Transmission Bin Activator

Metalfab LVT Bin Activators are used to create flow of dry bulk solids from vertical storage bins.

TYPE: Silo/Hopper Discharge Vibration Aeration Equipment

MODEL: Metalfab LVT Bin Activator

Metalfab LVT (Low Vibration Transmission) bin activators showcase all of the same great features found in standard Metalfab bin activators.  However, the LVT model's hanger arms are replaced with threaded rods and low durometer isolators.  The LVTs smaller size and reduced vibration characterists make it ideal for use with sensitive scaling systems and equipment or for loss-in-weight gravimetric feeding.

What is a Bin Activator?

A bin activator provides continuous flow of dry bulk materials; it is a vibrating cone attached beneath a silo. Discharge is assisted by the cone/unit vibration and the centifugal force generated by the activator.

Built to withstand the repetitive vibratory motion and forces from the product load above them, Metalfab bin activator offer unique design features including dual baffle design, an endless beaded flexible sleeve, and unitized vibrator/motor all combine to make this product a leader in bin activators/bin dischargers.

Its "perfect" cone profile is highly effective in promoting the flow of product with minimal force while maintaining a constant bulk density.  The reduction in force lowers operation costs, horsepower consumption and adds life to the end unit. Constant flow and consistent bulk density are key to maintaining its efficient operation and its accuracy of downstream equipment.

How Do Bin Activators Work?

Positive discharge or First In First Out (FIFO) flow of a silo is accomplished by the internal cone-shaped baffle which is rigidly attached to the body of the bin activator.

This vibrating cone replaces a major portion of the standard fixed cone. The bin activator unit moves horizontally by the unbalanced weights of an attached vibrator. The cone baffle relieves the weight of the material from the lower section of the bin activator, and acts like a wedge as it moves beneath the material and pushes it in all areas adjacent to the cone's surfaces. This powerful force is also transmitted to the material in the upper portion of the bin as the motion is carried from particle to particle. Product discharges around the periphery of the baffle toward the outlet of the Metalfab bin activator.


Used in bulk solids material handling systems, Bin Activators, also known as Live Bottom Bins, Shaker Bins, or Vibrating Silo Bottoms, are used to create a flow of dry bulk solids from vertical storage bins. The Live Bottom will overcome sporadic or irregular discharge problems created by arching, bridging, and rat holing. The typical geometry on a standard 4:1 vertical round bin is a live bottom that is half the diameter of the silo.

Products Handled

  • Alumina
  • Carbon Black
  • Clay
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Salt
  • Soda Ash
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Semolina
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Lime
  • Limestone
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Activated Carbon


  • 3', 4' and 5' Diameters
  • Carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Reduced vibration makes it ideal for use with sensitive scaling systems and equipment
  • Uses threaded rod isolators for hanger arms (limited to bulk materials with densities less than 50 lbs/cu.ft.)
  • The unique dual baffle design features a primary and suspended secondary baffle that delivers continuous flow of dry materials without plugging, jamming or bridging. 
    The secondary baffle moves at a different range than the bin activator body, which creates a motion in the product at the outlet which, in most cases, eliminates the need to "cycle" the vibrator.
  • Endless beaded flexible sleeve, 7/16" thick with 3-ply reinforcement that will not puncture, slip or leak
  • A unitized vibrator and motor combines the vibrator and motor in a single, sealed enclosure with no belts to slip or break. The heavy duty, spherical, roller style bearings are sealed, eliminating the need to remove the unit when making force adjustments.
  • Performance guarantee: Every Metalfab bin activator is guaranteed to perform in accordance with specifications or the purchase price will be refunded


  • Constructed of Carbon steel, Special coatings,  304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Sizes/Diameters:  3', 4', 5' (See chart below)


  • Maintenance slide gate
  • Explosion proof
  • Positive or negative pressures
  • Other Metalfab upstream/downstream bin activators, Covey-All™ Conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, Posibins™ and hoppers


DiameterO.D.I.D.A*BNo. of
BA-3 3' 40 1/2 35 1/2 20 5/8 28 5/8 4 .4
BA-4 4' 53 1/4 47 1/4 29 1/2 36 3/4 4 1.5
BA-5 5' 65 1/4 59 1/4 36 3/16 42 3/4 4 1.5

*Will vary based on outlet diameter

Sample Applications

Metalfab Silo Bin Activator for Discharging Lime

Application 1:  Bin Activator Mounted on Silo Discharge/Cone Hopper

Very few silo projects are successful without the use of a Live Bottom Bin Activator. We engineer the proper size Bin Activator to:

  • Match the bulk solid being stored in the silo
  • The diameter of the silo
  • The height of the silo
  • Recommend the slope of the silo hopper angle
  • Design the correct discharge opening to obtain the product flow capacity for your operation

Metalfab Posibin Surge Bin Day Hopper with Vibrating Bin Bottom Bin Activator, Continuous Discharge

Application 2: Silo Hopper / Bin Activator with Dual Volumetric Screw Feeders,  Continuous Discharge

This is a typical industrial bulk solids application to provide continuous metered flow of sluggish, non-free flowing powders.

  • The live bottom bin provides first in first out flow pattern into the volumetric crew feeder.
  • The screw feeder will only provide +/- 1% to 2% continuous output if the volumetric screw flighting is 100% filled.
  • These (2) pieces of equipment working in tandem will allow you to feed your process in an uninterrupted fashion.

Metalfab Bin Activator with Dual Volumetric Screw Feeders, Continuous Discharge

Lime hopper with Metalfab Bin Activator with Rotary Valve Feeder

Application 3: Silo Hopper / Bin Activator with Rotary Valve Feeder, Continuous Discharge

Silo Discharge to Pressure or Vacuum pneumatic conveying line applications for non-free flowing powders require rotary valve feeders to meter bulk solids into the conveying line.

  • The live bottom bin provides first in first out flow pattern into the rotary vane feeder.
  • The bin activator with full the vanes of the rotary valve to provide continuous output.
  • These (2) pieces of equipment working in tandem will allow you to feed your process in an uninterrupted fashion.

For more information on the MetalFab LVT Low Vibration Bin Activator and how it can improve your silo discharge processes, please contact a Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Pneumatic Engineer or call us today! 

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