TYPE: Miscellaneous Power Conveyors

MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Parts Conveyor with Nitrile Belt or Wire Mesh Belting

The Parts Conveyor, Roach Model PC, is widely used to convey chips, slugs or scrap materials to hoppers or other containers for disposal or recycling. No matter the materials being moved, Model PC can meet your needs.

Roach Model PC, pictured on the left, is shown with a nitrile belt. The nitrile solid woven belting offers superior abrasion and impact resistant properties, minimizing cover wear and improving operational performance. This construction has been designed for recycling, agricultural and industrial applications for conveying oily products, grains, feeds, fertilizers, agriculture and produce. 

Model PC, pictured on the right, has wire mesh belting. Wire mesh belts are ideal metal conveyor belts for light transfers and positive drive. The large open area makes wire mesh belts the most efficient metal conveyor belt for many applications such as drying, cooling, heating, draining coating and glazing.

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