Rapat Bulk Handling Series B-HDB Conveyors

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors


Slider Bed Bulk Handling Conveyor for Medium Duty Bagging Operations

The Rapat HDB conveyor is an economical bag closing, flat belt, slider bed conveyor used in conjunction with sewing heads, and heat sealers. This conveyor may be used in conjunction with portable sewing equipment or with a stationary sewing pedestal.  

There are several options that can be added to this conveyor:

  • The bag turner is placed between two conveyors. The bags move along the first conveyor, and are tipped on their side, and rotated by the shorter conveyor on the bag turner.  The bags are then properly positioned to move onto additional conveyor systems.
  • The bag flattener consists of a smaller powered conveyor mounted to the top of a conveyor.  As bagged materials pass between the two moving belts, the material is distributed evenly within the bag, allowing uniform palletizing, stacking, and easier shipping.
  • The bag kicker is for applications that require the bag to e routed bottom first onto another conveyor.  The pneumatic cylinder pushes the bag from a vertical position (after filling and sewing) to a horizontal position for easier handling. 

Contact the bag closing and bag handling experts at Thomas Conveyor to determine which combination of options will suit your application requiring the Rapat HDB Conveyor.

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