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TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Manual Conveyor Stops
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Manual, Hand Operated Power Conveyor Stops used where Line Control is Required

Roach Manual Roller and Blade Stops are used where manual line control is required such as assembly work stations & shipping areas. Manual Roller and Blade stops are used with power conveyors only. These stops can be added to existing conveyors, or specified with new conveyors. Employees can manually control the roller and blade stop when desired. The stop blocks the product from continuing on the conveyor line. Product can be inspects, manipulated, indexed or accumulated. This stop is normally used on variable pressure accumulators and live roller conveyors. Because they are modular, roller and blade stops can be relocated and/or added as product handling needs change.  

Thomas Conveyor has systems integrators available to help design your next accumulation, indexing or inspection station application using Roach Manual Roller and Blade Stops. Our engineers have over 40 years experience and can design the correct conveyor system for your warehousing or manufacturing facility.

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