MODEL: Frame Size 47

ROOTS URAI J Universal RAI J WHISPAIR Rotary Positive Blowers Model Frame Size: ROOTS URAI - J Universal RAI 47

Roots URAI-J Universal RAI Frame Size 47 is available in stock!

• Patented Universal RAI-J Whispair blowers Frame size 47 are heavy duty rotary units in a compact, sturdy design, engineered for continuous service when operated within speed and vacuum/pressure ratings. The basic model features a cast iron casing with a computer-designed cast relief for noise and shock suppression, carburized and ground alloy steel spur timing gears secured to steel shafts with a taper mounting and locknut, and cast iron involute impellers. Oversized anti-friction bearings are used, with a cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to withstand v-belt pull. Detachable rugged steel mounting feet permit easy in-field adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements.

• The Universal RAI-J incorporates grease lube on the drive end and splash lube on the gear end. Roots’ exclusive “figure-eight” gearbox design improves oil distribution to maximize bearing and gear life. Lower air pulsation patented whispair blowers operate with up to 40% less pressure pulsation than conventional blowers, due to the pressure equalizing effect of the whispair jet design. In conventional blowers, as the impeller opens up to the outlet port, the higher pressure air in the discharge line rapidly expands into the lower pressure pocket formed by the impeller and the blower case. The resulting shock wave strikes the advancing surface of the impeller at near-sonic velocity. Four pressure pulses occur during each revolution, transmitting shock loads to the gear and bearings.

The pre-pressurization of the low pressure pocket through the whispair jet cavity smooths the pulsations, resulting in less shock being transmitted through the impellers to the bearings, providing longer bearing life.

The reduction in the magnitude of the pressure pulsation results in smoother operation.

The pressure pulses, inherent in the rotary-lobe design, are also the major source of blower noise. The rapid backflow of air into the blower from the discharge line, four times per revolution, results in high noise levels in a conventional blower.  The whispair jet design controls the backflow of air into the blower, reducing noise by approximately 5 dba vacuum, 3 db pressure.

Design and construction features frame size 47

• Detachable steel mounting feet • Rigid one-piece cast iron casing • Anti-friction bearings • Splash oil lubricated spur timing gears • Connections in standard pipe sizes • Ground steel shafts • Straight, precision machined two-lobe impellers

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