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Silo Dehumidification Systems

Silo Dehumidification Systems and Silo Storage Tanks are available through Thomas Conveyor and Equipment Company, Inc. Bulk Powders can absorb Moisture from the environment.

High Relative Humidity and Dew Points can not only be a frustrating nuisance for storing and unloading your Bulk Solids, but it can also contribute to major down time and many extra man hours when it occurs. We generally see clumping, rat holing, and sluggish flow of flour, sugar, dextrose and urea, to name a few, during high humidity months that also have weather conditions where the Dew Point and the Outside Temperatures are close to each other. Condensation from humid air enters storage silos via the pneumatically conveyed air and also from ambient outside air entering through your bin vent dust collector filter. The humid air condenses on the interior side walls of the vertical exposed silo walls and then drips down and agglomerates your product can stick to silo hopper wall. Mold, corrosion and downtime are the result.

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Multiple versions of dehumidifier silo systems to keep bulk powders dry and silos efficient.
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