TYPE: Manual Accessories

MODEL: Single Leg Support

Single Leg Supports For Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Conveyor Straight, Curved and Spur Section

For decades, Single Leg Supports have been utilized in some of the most productive material handling applications around the world. Single leg supports provide support where full "H-type" permanent supports are not normally required.  For example, use a Single Let support on a 90° curve conveyor with continuous side rails, or on a conveyor system where support cross-braces cannot be used.

Single leg supports are used in floor support applications for straight, curved and spur sections, along with medium duty supports. Supports are easily adjustable and accommodate heights from 7” to 104”. Single Leg Support Construction: SLL and SLM consist of 2 gauge inside and outside channel assemblies with 10 gauge C-3 pivot plate. SLH has 10 gauge inside and outside channel assemblies with 7 gauge C-3 pivot plate.

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment has systems integrators available to determine when to use a Single Leg Support in your manufacturing or distribution conveyor system. Contact us today.

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