Skewed Wheel Diverter, Roach Model SD60

TYPE: Transfer and Merge Conveyors


Skewed Wheel Diverter Conveyor with 30°, 45°, and 90° Diversion Angles

A Skewed Wheel Diverter Roach Model SD60 can take a package and divert it from one line to another. Both the skewed wheel diverter and the roller diverter can be used as a means of diverting from the narrow belt sorter. Skewed wheel diverters consist of a high-speed belt transportation conveyor with two rows of skewed wheels built into the belt unit at each divert point. When a carton reaches the divert destination, wheels raise above the conveying surface of the belt and steer the product off the sort line.

Skewed wheel diverter conveyor has 30°, 45°, and 90° diversion angles. Skewed wheels are normally driven by elastomer bands and run at a speed slightly faster than the sorter to provide additional driving force when diverting. The pop-up skewed wheel sorter is a reliable method of high speed diverting.

Let the systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor assist you with your next sortation and diverting application. Our system integrators can determine if the Roach Model SD60 Skewed Wheel Diverter is the correct conveyor for your application.

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