Food Grade Stainless Steel Cabinetry

When cleanliness and bio-safety are top concerns, stainless steel is the go-to material for cabinetry, tables, islands and workstations.

It provides impact protection, is eco-friendly, cleans easily and provides moisture and corrosion resistance, all while providing standard stainless steel benefits such as its resistance to corrosion, oxidation, easy washdown ability, durability and contaminant-free surfacing.

Stainless steel is a go-to for laboratory applications as well as food processing and manufacturing plants.

Stainless steel industrial applications include:

Food Processing Cleanroom Animal Facilities
Pathology Labs Autopsy Areas Agriculture
Cannabis Testing Medical Labs Pharmaceuticals

We offer a wide variety of stainless steel cabinetry configurations, including:

Standing Height Base Cabinets
Sitting Height Base Cabinets
Lab Base Cabinets
ADA Height Base Cabinets
Wall Cabinets
Tall Cabinets
Sink Cabinets

Mobile/Castered Cabinets
Suspended Cabinets
Wall Shelving
Modular Reagent Shelving
Fixed Reagent Shelving
Cabinet Aprons

Stainless Steel Cabinetry

We offer a variety of stainless steel storage cabinets, including base cabinets, wall cabinets and tall cabinets with adjustable shelving.

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Custom Stainless Steel Cabinetry

We offer an endless variety of custom stainless steel cabinetry configurations, including base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, sink cabinets, mobile and castered cabinets, suspended cabinets, wall shelving, workstations and aprons.

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