Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying Systems Design Equipment conveying dry bulk powders for the injection molder, blow molders and extrusion industries

TYPE: Vacuum Pneumatic Conveyor Systems Design Equipment

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment Company’s associates have been designing, procuring and installing vacuum pneumatic conveying dry bulk powder handling systems for decades. We design and engineer new systems and specialize in retrofits to existing, under performing or worn out equipment. Our team has solved hundreds of existing problems that others won’t touch. We will provide you with a solution only with your 100% input and approval. We solve tough problems.

Industries served:
Plastic pellet resins for the injection molder, blow molders and extrusion industries, bakery, pasta, tortilla, snack food, municipal waste water treatment, chemical industries, food, paperboard, paint, fertilizer, plastic recycling.

Vacuum pneumatic conveying systems and components:
Our welded storage silos are fabricated to your exact needs, carbon steel with 2 part epoxy paint, aluminum, 304 stainless steel, built to the capacity that you require.

Bin vent dust collectors: Designed and fabricated to suit your bulk truck unloading needs. Reverse pulse jet design with 6" diameter polyester filter bags.

Cyclone separators: Used in cases where filter bags are not required or as the primary separator in your bulk truck unloading process.

Bin discharge aid bin activator: Live bottom bins installed on your bulk storage silo will provide proven first in-first out (fifo) silo discharge.

Bin discharge aid- aeration disc: Fluidized bin bottoms are applied to the flour, semolina bakery industries, fluidizing stored product for continuous, consistent flow.

Pressure system rotary airlock valves: Airlock are used to feed a continuous even flow of product into your pressure conveying system air stream. Pneumatic conveying Morris compression couplings- used to join these dilute phase pressure systems up to 15 psi.

Pneumatic conveying long sweep elbows: Long sweep elbows minimize the deceleration of your product begin conveyed and lessens the amount of abrasion.

Pant leg diverter valves: Gravity feed out of your surge hoppers in multiple directions.

Wye line diverter valves: 2 way, 3 way and 4 way wye line diverter valves to efficiently direct product flow through your system and to the appropriate destination.

Pressure blower packages: We fabricate our own heavy duty pressure pneumatic conveying blowers, utilizing Roots, Duroflow, Sutorbilt, Kaeser  model positive displacement blowers.

Slide / knife gates: Hopper cut off, weigh batch system gates open and close to allow flow of product in the proper sequence of operation.

Scale valves: To allow for the precise weighing of your batch hopper, our scale valves are programmed to close and clean / purge out your pressure conveying line.

Scale hoppers: Design to precisely weigh and batch your ingredients. Hoppers are equipped with load cells, weigh batch controllers, discharge valves, and constructed for heavy duty use.

Products handled: • plastic pellets • polyester • polycarbonate • polypropylene • polyethylene • nylon • PVC • ABS • PET • wheat flour • soy flour • gluten free • corn flour • semolina •  tortilla • lime • limestone •  hydrated lime • pebble lime • calcium carbonate • cac03 • gypsum • sugar • starch • gelatin •  corn meal • DDG’s • seed • plastic regrind


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