Vacuum Receivers for Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying; Industrial; Pulse Jet; Bag Collector; Cartridge; Cyclone Separators; Efficiency; Pneumatic Conveying; Vacuum Systems; Flour; Wheat; Corn; Sugar; Starch; Modified; Food; Gluten; Salt; Sodium; Nitrate; Dextrose; Meal; Tortilla; Semolina; Plastic; Resin; PVC; Pellet; Lime; Limestone; Calcium; Carbonate; Hydrated; Soda; Ash; Activated; Carbon; Black;

TYPE: Dust Collectors Separator Systems

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment manufactures Reverse Pulse Jet Silo Bin Vent Dust Collectors Separators, with Explosion Proof Venting, when required. Our vacuum receivers are either mild steel and primed and painted with (food FDA epoxy) or 304 stainless steel, where we fabricate receivers out of 304l stainless steel with a variety of weld finishes suiting your application, industrial, chemical, paint, fertilizer.

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Products handled:
• flour • wheat & corn • sugar • starch • modified food starch • gluten • salt • sodium nitrate • dextrose • meal • tortilla • semolina • plastic resin pellet • lime • limestone • calcium carbonate, hydrated • soda ash • activated carbon black

Materials of Construction:
Most dust collectors are made of mild steel and primed and painted with epoxy paint. We also provide numerous collectors for the food industry and can finish the exterior and interior with FDA Sherwin Williams 2 part epoxy paint. We also fabricate bag houses out of 304l stainless steel with a variety of weld finishes to suit your application. Safety cages are welded into the bottom flange of the collector to guard against bag cages falling into process.

We supply side bag, top bag, and walk in plenum designs. Osha safety ladders with cages and work platforms are standard options.

Filter bags:

Your design standardizes on 6" diameter spun bond polyester bags cut to length. Steel wire cages are provided with worm gear clamps to install and remove bags. Specialty bags include Gore-Tex, Tetratex, PTFE coated 16oz polyester. High temperature bags of Nomex and fiberglass are available.

Timer controls:
Timer boxes are provided and typically mounted and pneumatically plumbed before shipment. We use Dwyer model dct-500 or dct-1000 timer boards for either 110v ac or 24vdc control wiring.

Goyan solenoids are mounted on the timer boxes and exhaust outside the control panel. Compressed air: We provide a compressed air header mounted for an adequate reservoir supply of cleaning compressed air.

Diaphragm valves:
Goyan RCA-20T diaphragm valves are pre-plumbed and mounted with SCH 40 pipe with pipe unions for easy maintenance.

Explosion panels:
Explosion panels from f\FIKE can be designed into your collector and be vented through exterior walls.



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