24 Volt Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Smart Conveyor Gates

These Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Gates are shown in the up position; there are limit switches on the conveyor which stops the zone from running. Products will accumulate behind the lift gate until the gate is lowered into the down position.

TYPE: Powered Motorized Driven Roller Conveyors - 24 Volt MDR Conveyors

MODEL: 24 Volt Motorized Driven Roller Smart Conveyor (MDR) Gates

Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Smart Conveyor Gates are an important component in the design of a safe and efficient MDR conveyor system.  MDR smart conveyor gates provide a passageway for employees and equipment to move throughout the space with ease.


  • Gates provide a passageway for personnel, lift trucks, and equipment.
  • Gates also allow for access to designated egress paths for operator safety and code compliance.  
  • With a mechanically counterweighted design, operators can easily open and close gates.
  • The gates act like a drawbridge and when raised, product on the conveyor stops in the zone it occupies and releases when the gate is closed.       

Retrofitting to Industrial Applications & Existing Systems

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment provides custom design, installation, and support to reduce your operation costs and keep your automation line running smoothly. We will help you determine the number and location for your MDR’s, and provide you with the recommended product, and install them to guarantee proper setup and operation.  

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