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Bulk Handling Conveyors

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment offers bulk handling conveyors for purchase. We offer a variety of Rapat conveyors to fit the needs for your business.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series C Conveyor employs a formed trough with a self-cleaning bed. The open bed design reduces friction and prevents dust buildup. The Series C belt conveyor is economical and low maintenance and designed for permanent installation.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series CU (car unloader) Conveyor in the answer for bulk materials such as grains, beans, sand, and much more. It is built for rugged use, being able to handle up to 90 lbs. of material per hour on a 24-inch belt, and 120 lbs. per hour on a 30-inch belt. The Series CU conveyor is equipped with a wheeled undercarriage for convenient one-person positioning.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series F Conveyor is great for transporting large volumes of resources and agricultural materials because it can gently convey the material without cracking or grinding. The Series F conveyor can elevate to a 40-degree incline and is extremely versatile.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series CTR Conveyor is an industrial duty channel frame conveyor with CEMA troughing idlers designed to handle the toughest applications. The Series CTR conveyor has common options, like walkways, service platforms, support bents, and transfer towers.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series ECTR Conveyor is ideal for any application where environmental control is required. This enclosed conveyor system is designed for the safe, gentle, and efficient handling of dry and bulk materials. Completely enclosed conveyors are becoming more common with today’s tight safety regulations.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series SCR Conveyor is a computer designed conveyor, built for efficiency and durability with unmatched features and common-sense engineering. The shape of the SCR conveyor frame forms the belt into a trough, so the bulk materials ride smoothly along the top of the belt.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series ETR (enclosed troughing roller) Conveyor is quiet and tough. It can handle materials from fine powders to large, lumpy stones for a variety of industry applications, like food processing, forestry, mining, and quarrying. It contains easy access features that simplify maintenance.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series FLX Conveyor has technically advanced side wall conveyor belts, which ensures fast and safe movement of materials. It is uniquely suited for applications requiring product moving up angles of up to 90-degrees. The protective pocket of the FLX design minimizes damage and maximizes throughput.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series B-HDB Conveyor is an economical bag closing, flat belt slider bed conveyer used in conjunction with sewing heads and heat sealers. It can be used with portable sewing equipment or with a stationary sewing pedestal. There are also a variety of options that can be added to this conveyor.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series V/HDV Conveyor is an economical slider bed conveyor for light to medium duty bagging operations. This conveyor is built for rugged applications. From the dual belt conveying surface, to the heavy-duty shafts and bearings, it can handle anything.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Gerber Bucket Conveyor is used to vertically convey bulk materials. It is similar to other conveyor belts, the difference being that the bucket elevators move material using buckets attached to rotating belt or chain. The versatility with this conveyor makes it useful for a variety of industries, including power plants, fertilizer plants, pulp and paper mills, and more!

The Rapat Bulk Handling Gerber Drag Conveyor are best used in dust tight environments that feature materials that are abrasive, hot, corrosive, or high in density. Drag conveyors are a great complement to screw conveyors and belt conveyors.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Gerber Rotary Valve Distributor is typically used to move solid materials from a hopper through piping to another location. It is designed for all weather durability, allowing indoor or outdoor installation.

The Rapat Bulk Handling Performance Plus Swing-Flo M/E Conveyor has been designed to withstand heavy-duty needs with minimal wear. It’s inner spout design evenly distributes wear for a durable working life. It is adaptable to low vertical can height and can be mounted virtually flat against a wall in cramped spaces.

The Rapat Bulk Handling High Performance Roto-Flo Conveyor is a multiple inlet, multiple discharge rotary distributor with a conv-shaped bottoms for overflow protection. It is weather resistant, so it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

View more information about each one of our bulk handling conveyors by clicking on each one below and contact our team to work with one of our system integrators.


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Self Cleaning Troughed Bulk Handling Conveyor
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Car Unloading Bulk Handling Conveyor
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Rubber Flight Bulk Handling Conveyor
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Channel Framed Troughing Bulk Handling Conveyor
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Enclosed Conveyor System Used When Environmental Control Is Needed
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Computer Designed Bulk Handling Conveyor With Optional Tripper
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