PalletPal Automatic Turntable

A PalletPal Automatic Turntable features an integrated turntable platform that allows workers to rotate loads for access to all sides without walking around the lift. 

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PalletPal Lift Truck with Turntable

The PalletPal Lift Truck can transport and position open bottomed containers or skids.  PalletPal Lift Trucks are ideal for machine feeding and offloading, load unitizing/palletizing, transporting loads to and from assembly and staging areas, or as adjustable height workstations. 

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PalletPal Mobile Leveler

The PalletPal Mobile Leveler helps reduce fatigue and injury from bending and lifting. Use it by itself as a mobile lift table, as a pallet positioner, or as the perfect companion to feed other PalletPal Levelers.

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PalletPal Powered Hydraulic Turntable

The PalletPal Powered Hydraulic Turntable is a compact pallet handling turntable ideal for heavy duty turning applications!

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