Mezzanine Gates & Railings

Thomas Conveyor provides OSHA compliant fall protection for mezzanines, work platforms and safety platforms.  We have a wide variety of mezzanine railings, safety gates, access gates, pallet gates and sliding gates for your mezzanine or work platform.

Stairways should be protected with safety rails and safety gates.  Mezzanine access points should have guard rails, ladder safe zones and protected loading areas.  Thomas Conveyor & Equipment offers a variety of solutions for elevated loading access points in controlled areas and warehouse worker safety, including modular safety rail systems, gates and one way flow solutions to allow products to pass through an area without leaving an access point open.

Modular Mezzanine Railing Systems

Modular railing systems are designed to clearly define pedestrian walkways, loading docks, production areas, and assembly lines.  They increase the safety and operational efficiency of a mezzanine system while conforming to OSHA/IBC guidelines.

Picture for Modular Mezzanine Railing Systems

JiffyRail Platform Guard Rail

The easy to install JiffyRail™ guard rail system guards open, exposed areas on mezzanine platforms and other elevated surfaces.  It will help to eliminate fall hazards by providing strong, sturdy barrier protection.

Picture for JiffyRail Platform Guard Rail

Overhead Safety Gate

A Wildeck™ Overhead Safety Gate provide safe access to palleted material to and from a mezzanine or work platform.

Picture for Overhead Safety Gate

Pallet Drop Zone Gate

Overhead safety gates provide safe access to palleted material to and from a mezzanine or work platform.  When one side of the  Drop Zone Gate is raised the other side closes, keeping your elevated areas protected at all times.

Picture for Pallet Drop Zone Gate

Pivot Safety Gate

A pivot safety gate will protect open areas on mezzanines, work platforms, balconies and racking systems during loading and unloading of product.

Picture for Pivot Safety Gate

Powered Overhead Safety Gate

Roly™ Powered Overhead Safety Gates secure guardrail and doorway openings on mezzanines, work platforms, elevated platforms and rack picking modules.

Picture for Powered Overhead Safety Gate

Double Drop Safety Gate

When utilizing double drop safety gates mezzanine level personnel can access one pallet bay while a forklift operator at the ground level is accessing the other. One bay is always open at the mezzanine level for forklift operations and lifting.

Picture for Double Drop Safety Gate

Slide Gate

Industrial Sliding Gates allow for safe and easy loading and unloading of equipment and product from mezzanines and other elevated storage areas. The advantage of the sliding safety gate design over the swing safety gate is that it takes up less floor space, since it does not have to swing in to open.  The are available in powered and non-powered versions.

Picture for Slide Gate

Lift Gate

Mezzanine Lift Gates allow for openings of 6 feet to 8 feet wide on a mezzanine and are typically mounted to the mezzanine frame structure. Multiple lift gates can be placed side by side to create larger openings.

Picture for Lift Gate

Rolling Slide Gate

Rolling Slide Gates are space efficient, making them an ideal gate for pick module operations and mezzanine/deck surfaces.

Picture for Rolling Slide Gate

Rolling Swing Gate

Rolling swing gates offer a simple and cost effective solution for those instances when overhead space is limited.

Picture for Rolling Swing Gate

Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical Pivot Gates provide a  solution for areas lacking horizontal clearance space.

Picture for Vertical Pivot Gate

Tilt Gate

A tilt gate provides an extra measure of safety when workers are handling pallets of product on mezzanines.

Picture for Tilt Gate

Swing Gate

Swing gates allow easy and convenient opening and closing for mezzanine access.

Picture for Swing Gate

Finger Gate

Finger gates provide a protective barrier at elevated work levels, such as mezzanines or pallet racking.  It is commonly found on pallet flow racks and areas where gravity fed pallets are utilized.

Picture for Finger Gate

NetGate Pick Module Safety Gate

The NetGate™ Pick Module Safety Gate allows users safe access to palletized materials on elevated  pick modules and rack systems.

Picture for NetGate Pick Module Safety Gate

Impact Gate

Impact gates are designed to open and close during pallet load transfers and drop offs.  They are ideal for forklift operations due to the minimal effort in the unload process.

Picture for Impact Gate

Edge Alert™ Open Gate Alarm

The Edge Alert™ Open Gate Alarm signals an open gate with flashing LED lights and an audible alarm.

Picture for Edge Alert™ Open Gate Alarm

Edge Gard™ Folding Loading Dock Gates

The EdgeGard™ Folding Loading Dock Gate protects wider openings and minimizes required clearance heights.  

Picture for Edge Gard™ Folding Loading Dock Gates

Edge Gard™ Straight Loading Dock Gates

The Edge Gard™ Straight Loading Dock Gate is ideal for standard dock widths.  They are durable, reliable and safe.  

Picture for Edge Gard™ Straight Loading Dock Gates