Conveyor Gates

Work with one of our systems integrators to determine which conveyor gate system will provide the best solution for your automation needs. We can help you determine which design is right for you and your business. Order your conveyor components and parts today.

Line Shaft Gate Module Conveyor, Roach Model 796LSG

The Model 796LSG allows for quick and easy walk-through and can be added anywhere on the conveyor line. This model offers versatility where no drive is required; it offers operator accessibility, eliminating dangerous walk-overs. The gate acts as a draw bridge; when raised, products stop at the end of the previous conveyor and only continues when the gate is closed.

Picture for Line Shaft Gate Module Conveyor, Roach Model 796LSG

Manual Conveyor Gate - Roach Conveyor

Roach Conveyor’s Manual Gates are conveyor sections that can retract or pivot vertically to gain passage for personnel, equipment, carts, forklift trucks, & walkways on a production line.

Picture for Manual Conveyor Gate - Roach Conveyor

Spring Loaded Conveyor Gate

Roach Conveyor's Spring Loaded Gates provide openings and walkways for fork truck traffic, personnel, carts, or operators. Spring Loaded gates are designed for anyone to open and close the spring-loaded gate with ease.

Picture for Spring Loaded Conveyor Gate