Pallet Stackers / Pallet Dispensers

There are multiple benefits to introducing a pallet dispenser or pallet stacker to your picking operation, processing facility or warehouse.  Pallet dispensers improve overall pallet movement processes, and improve employee safety due to reductions in manual pallet handling processes.

Applications that require pallet stackers include high speed automated palletizing, load forming lines,  manual access for pallet dispensing and storage, pallet repair systems, ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems) and AVG systems (automated guided vehicles).

Pallet dispensers offer long lasting, highly reliable, heavy duty constructed units that are able to interface with existing material handling equipment.
Pallet dispensers are useful in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, consumer, food processing, warehousing, chemical processing, material handling, and paper.  Pallet dispensers can dispense most any pallet type, including slave board, plastic, wood or metal.

Pallet dispensers hold a number of pallets, usually ranging from 15 to 20 pallets at a time, then distribute the pallets one by one onto a conveyor or into a work area.  Pallet dispensers can be either manual or automatic.  Manual dispensers are unloaded via forklift; automatic pallet dispensers are powered by hydraulic, pneumatic or electro-mechanical means, and use the power to dispense the actual pallet, instead of having to be unloaded by another piece of equipment.

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Pallet Stackers and Pallet Dispensers

Pallet stackers and pallet dispensers replace manual handling of pallets in automated material handling systems.  Pallet stackers receive single pallets from any type of in-feed conveyor and load the pallet with a heavy duty electrical hoist system. Once the pallets are fully stacked, the stacker automatically discharges the stack of pallets to the out-feed conveyor.

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