Mezzanines & Industrial Work Platforms

Steel mezzanine systems or industrial work platforms offer a quick and affordable way to increase the amount of usable space in nearly any facility. Mezzanines allow you to gain the space you need without incurring the cost of new building construction or leasing additional space.  Mezzanines allow for company expansion by utilizing unused, empty overhead areas above a facility floor, doubling value-added space.

Warehouse mezzanines are the perfect solution for adding production floors, equipment platforms, storage space, crossovers and stair towers, in-plant offices or staging areas.  Mezzanines can also be utilized in other ways;  by adding wire mesh security cages under or on the mezzanine deck, wire mesh dividers,  pallet rack storage or even a raised conveyor system! 

Each mezzanine will be engineered to provide a solution specific to your space allotment and meet specified building codes and OSHA safety requirements.  Thomas Conveyor partners with Wildeck™ to design mezzanines that use secure bolt-together connections that can be dismantled, reconfigured and/or relocated. These work platforms qualify for an accelerated 7-year capital equipment depreciation, as opposed to the 39 years normally associated with permanent building improvements. 

The systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor are available to assist you with a custom Mezzanine/Industrial Work Platform Application. Let our experienced application engineers design, deliver and install a complete mezzanine system for you today.