Expandable / Accordion Conveyors

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment offers expandable and accordion conveyors. These conveyors can expand and contract to fit in any area of a warehouse. Typically, this style is used for temporary conveying in shipping and receiving areas because of how easy they are to move.

We offer five different models of expandable conveyors: 
Roach PowerFlex Powered Flexible Conveyor
Can be instantly set up for conveyor lines for shipping, receiving, packaging, and other applications. This is perfect for when a fixed conveyor is not appropriate and a non-powered conveyor is not practical. The PowerFlex Conveyor is ideal for loading or unloading boxes and cases in and out of trailers because they are easy to set up and maneuver.
NestaFlex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor
A heavy duty, gravity conveyor that features double welded cross braces, heavy duty square tubing legs, and reinforced inner legs for added support.  This conveyor can bend or flex to configure to docks or storage rooms where a straight conveyor is applicable. Due to the double welded cross braces and reinforced legs, it can handle the conveyance of heavy cartons or boxes as well.
NestaFlex® 275 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor
Very similar to the 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor, it contains double welded braces, square tubing legs, and reinforced inner legs for added support. It can bend or flex to configure to docks or storage rooms where straight conveyors will not work. It is the industry choice for medium to high volume shipping and receiving areas.
NestaFlex® 226 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor
Designed to expand and contract and it is a self-tracking gravity skate wheel. It has per liner foot capacity of 226 pounds. It can handle multi-sized cartons in low to medium volume applications. No matter if it’s expanded or contracted, this conveyor provides unmatched structural reliability.
Bestflex Powered 1.5 Roller Conveyor
Can instantly set up a conveyor line anywhere in your facility. It has a capacity of 100 pounds per lineal foot. This conveyor requires less storage space when fully retracted and with its all-bolted construction and design, is a perfect solution for warehouses, order fulfillment centers, or retail stores. 

Learn more about all of our expandable powered roller conveyors by clicking on each one below. We have experts that can help you determine which expandable/accordion conveyor is right for your business. Contact us today!

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Powered Flexible Conveyor for Shipping and Receiving Operations
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Gravity Accordion Style Conveyor for shipping and receiving applications
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Portable Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor for Industrial Applications
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Adjustable Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor for unloading trucks at distribution, warehouse, order fulfillment and retail stores.
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BestFlex Powered 1.5 Roller Conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyor that is portable, expandable and flexible
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