Mezzanine Decking and Framing

Mezzanines are typically used for the following:

Storage Industrial Facilities and Warehouses Processing Plants
Distribution Centers Offices/Administrative Space Retail Stores

Will your mezzanine be used for production space?     Do you want to integrate it with your conveyor system?   You may even want to move things upwards for storage.
It’s important to have insight into what the mezzanine’s role will be for your operation; this will help you determine your future needs and how your mezzanine system can allow you to grow into them.  Our warehouse mezzanine and industrial structure platforms can be designed to fit your size, load and span specifications at a price that fits your project budget.  We offer a wide range of industrial mezzanine, including single and multi-level mezzanine at affordable prices.

Where will your mezzanine be located?
Corner locations are quite common for mezzanines; however, they can be configured to be freestanding in the middle of a factory floor. Factors may include ceiling height, available electricity, floor capacity, and facility layout.

What building codes apply to your facility?
Depending on where you are and the function of your mezzanine/work platform, you may be subject to various building codes. If you classify the mezzanine as a work platform (and it’s not usually used as a work area and isn’t publicly accessible) requirements can vary.

Designing for the Long Term
Our experienced engineering team will use their best acumen to design a mezzanine structure that adapts to the layout of your facility.  The design will accommodate the production flow and exact performance needs of your system, ensuring a safe and profitable work environment for your expanding operation.  Let the experienced staff at Thomas Conveyor & Equipment help you to design, deliver, install and even modify your existing mezzanine system. We can answer all of the questions you may have and make the process quick and easy.

Mezzanine Decking Options

Mezzanine decks are customized based on the application the decking will be used for.  Decking can be customized for light use, moisture resistance or heavy duty traffic and weight allowances.

Picture for Mezzanine Decking Options

Mezzanine Framing Options

Mezzanine framing can be customized for a wide range of applications from small light-duty work platforms to large-span, heavy-duty industrial mezzanines.

Picture for Mezzanine Framing Options