Case Sealers

Semi and Fully Automatic Case Sealing Systems

Case sealing machines provide secure closing solutions for cases, cartons, stackable club store strays and retail ready packages.   The two most common types of case sealers are tape case sealers and hot-melt glue sealers.

Efficient and easy to operate, these cost-effective and highly efficient automated and semi-automated case sealing systems encompass a wide range of industries, including food and manufactured goods, robotics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment offers both pressure-sensitive tape case sealers as well as hot melt glue sealing equipment.  We can provide an ideal solution for both top and bottom case sealing, as well as systems to automate your entire packaging needs.  

Learn more about the differences between tape case sealers and hot melt glue sealers and view our products below.  Give us a call to speak with an application engineer or send us a message by clicking the button below.