Parts Handling Conveyors

Parts Handling Conveyors are the typical conveyance for moving and elevating all types of parts including small delicate parts, bulky parts, and heavy metal parts. 

Parts Handling applications can include:  

  • Medical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Scrap Removal
  • Injection Molding 
  • Small Food Processing such as Bakery/Confectionery
  • Fastener Manufacturing 
  • Stamping
  • Die Casting 
  • Bottling

Small Parts Can Present a Challenge.  Each of our Parts Handling Conveyors is custom built to accommodate your specific needs.

We offer Custom Parts Handling Conveyor Systems with:

•  Rubber Belts •  Plastic Belts •  Food Grade Belting
•  Metal Belts  •  Magnetic Beds  •  Mesh Wire Belts 
•  Rubber Cleats •  Plastic Cleats •  Metal Cleats
•  Incline and Decline Elevations •  Stainless Steel Frame/Build •  Portable and Moveable Frames
•  Casters •  Side Wall Belting/Corrugated Belting •  Hopper Attachments

Contact a Thomas Conveyor Automation Solution Engineer to get a custom Parts Handling Conveyor solution tailored to your operation!

Parts Conveyor, Roach Model PC

The Model PC Parts Conveyor can be customized with either Rubber, Nitrile, Stainless Steel or Wire Mesh Belting to optimally convey small items while improving the performance of your downstream equipment and maximizing yield.

Picture for Parts Conveyor, Roach Model PC

Parts Conveyor with Feeder, Roach Model PC-F

The Model PC-F can be customized with either nitrile or wire mesh belting; it is an ideal option for small parts conveyance. It comes with a wide variety of options to customize the unit to your particular specifications.

Picture for Parts Conveyor with Feeder, Roach Model PC-F