NBS Narrow Belt Sorter

Narrow belt sorters are a high-speed, high throughput sortation solution for small to medium sized items, such as cartons, totes, or polybags. Diverts can be configured on either side of the NBS line at 90 or 30 degrees.

When considering narrow belt sortation for your application, contact a system engineer at Thomas Conveyor & Equipment!

NBS Wave 200

The NBS Wave 200 uses simple design, individual belt take-ups, and three to five rows of wheels with precision bearings to reliably divert packages, cartons, totes, and parcels.

Picture for NBS Wave 200

NBS 30 and 90

The NBS 30 accurately diverts product at a 30 degree angle while the NBS 90 diverts, even unstable products, at a 90 degree angle.

Picture for NBS 30 and 90

NBS 90 Polysort

With belt speeds up to 300 feet per minute, The NBS 90 PolySort is capable of moving an extreme range of poly and Jiffy envelopes and products, including small parcels from 2oz to 40lbs!

Picture for NBS 90 Polysort