Mechanical Straddle VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor)

By Tim Knerr
Project Engineer
Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Co

A project was brought to Thomas Conveyor involving a mezzanine expansion for a large scale manufacturer in the Chicagoland area. Thomas Conveyor was contracted to design and install a Double Wide Mechanical VRC that would be used to carry heavy materials and equipment from the ground floor to the top of the mezzanine deck. The VRC would help the factory workers transport these heavy loads safely and securely. This eliminates the need for heavy duty forklifts or Lull to lift material to the edge of an open Pivot Gate on the second floor of the mezzanine which can be extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous for the forklift driver.Mechanical Straddle VRC

The VRC was designed to specifically match all of the customer’s needs. To maintain a standard “Z-pattern” when loading (product going in the front of the carriage and out the back), the VRC would straddle the top deck of the newly built mezzanine. A recessed pit was also dug so that the carriage platform would meet directly with the 1st level floor which the material would be loaded from. This eliminated the need for an approach ramp which would take up floor space the customer could not afford to lose. The VRC would also be double wide which allowed for two fully loaded pallets to be placed side by side in the carriage to save loading time for forklift drivers.

After installation and upon final inspection, the VRC was ready to be used by the customer for all material and equipment transportation needs.

Please feel free to contact our team regarding any questions or future projects involving any material lifts or VRC equipment. 708-449-2100.

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