Automatic Strappers

Automatic strappers are designed to automate the strapping operations at your facility. 

Strapping machines contain the items fed into the machine, tension the strap, heat seal the ends and feed out the next set of strap for the next cycle.  They are versatile and can be integrated into a system for a complete material handling process.

Depending on the unit, some strappers can be activated via photo cell or limit switch and fully automatic machines do not require an operator. A variety of customizable options can be found on arch or fully automatic units.  Common options include: auto feeders, jam free auto re-feeds, loop ejectors, customizable arch sizes, and varying strap widths.

Contact Thomas Conveyor & Equipment for a complimentary review of your material handling processes.  We will assess your strapping needs, and based on the demand, we can recommend whether a manual, semi-automatic, arch or fully automatic strapper will meet your expectations.

Automated Strapping Conveyor System

Automated Strapping Conveyor Systems can be designed to meet your business’s individual needs. These products are designed with quality and efficiency in mind, and can be used for a wide array of applications such as bundling newspapers and piping, sealing and reinforcing boxes and crates, packaging meat, seafood and other food products.  Heavy duty steel strapping is available for bricks, blocks, paver stones, and heavy palletizing.   

Picture for Automated Strapping Conveyor System