Metal Detection Equipment

Industrial Metal Detectors, Metal Detection Equipment and Metal Detection Conveyors

In many industries, such as food processing or pharmaceuticals, metal detection is a crucial part of the operations process.  Thomas Conveyor & Equipment has designed countless conveyor systems incorporating metal detection that allow for multiple options for rejecting products due to the detection of metal.

Our metal detection equipment senses and removes the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals in the process flow.  The units also find metal encapsulated in the individual particle.

Successful detection and separation of metal particles will protect your processing equipment from damages, which can save your organization and reputation money and downtime.  Contact us today to speak with an application engineer to get started on your metal detector conveyor system design today!

Metal Detection System with Integrated Conveyor Belt

Our custom metal detection system with integrated conveyor belt works in conjunction with our reject mechanisms to protect your product and equipment from damage. 

Picture for Metal Detection System with Integrated Conveyor Belt

Food Grade Metal Detector Conveyor

Stainless steel, food grade and wash down safe metal detection conveyor. Washdown Icon Food Grade Icon

Picture for Food Grade Metal Detector Conveyor