24 Volt Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Smart Conveyor System

A zoned Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Accumulation Conveyor, which is controlled via drive cards located in the conveyor frames behind a Lexan cover.

TYPE: Powered Motorized Driven Roller Conveyors - 24 Volt MDR Conveyors

MODEL: 24 Volt Motorized Driven Roller Smart Conveyor (MDR) System

What is an MDR roller? A 24-volt motorized driven roller (MDR) smart conveyor system utilizes a 24-volt DC motor built within the conveyor roller. Each motorized roller is controlled by a drive card, or the brain of the roller. The drive card is programmed to control the rollers, speed, direction and communication with other MDR rollers and equipment within the system. MDR conveyors are perfect for a variety of solutions including manufacturing, automated food and beverage, warehouse and distribution, and more.

Operational Advantages using an MDR Conveyor

  • MDRs save space by having no outboard motors
  • Quiet operation
  • Safety no sprockets reducing pinch points
  • Modular design for easy reconfiguration  
  • Energy Savings: With the MDRs "Run on Demand" functionality, the rollers are off when no product is detected, which results in saving energy (Up to 70% on your yearly operating costs!)
  • MDR Conveyor installations average 25% less of typical industrial conveyor installations.
  • Less moving parts, which means maintenance costs are lowered due to fewer replacement parts.
  • 24 volt DC motors and controllers allow simplified installations and increased operator safety
  • Provide Better Line Control through the use of programmable roller control cards.
  • Powered rollers can be individually addressed and controlled over Ethernet, allowing precise ramp up/down and speed control

  MDR Features Include:

  • Zone lengths, frame widths, roller spacing, and speeds are all configurable to your application!
  • Walk-through lift gates are available allowing increased operator access without the extra weight of a standard conveyor
  • Low pressure washdown rated components (upon request)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • All drive components are “plug and play” resulting in minimal maintenance and fast troubleshooting/repairs
  • Common components are used throughout a line, resulting in fewer spare parts
  • Optional pneumatic stops, pushers, turners and casters

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