Automated Strapping Conveyor System

Automated Strapping Conveyor System, bands product on a pallet strapping line

TYPE: Packaging Equipment

MODEL: Strapping Equipment

Update your Pallet Banding Line with a complete Automated Strapping Conveyor System or with Individual Components.

Thomas Conveyor provides a wide range of Automated Strapping Conveyor Systems to meet your business’s individual needs. These products are designed with quality and efficiency in mind, and they can be used for a wide array of applications such as bundling newspapers and piping, sealing and reinforcing boxes and crates, packaging meat, seafood and other food products.  Heavy duty steel strapping is available for bricks, blocks, paver stones, and heavy palletizing.   Whether you need small scale plastic strapping equipment for small-business inventorying or heavy-duty steel strapping for industrial applications, we provide you with the systems, materials, and tools you need, all at competitive pricing and with prompt delivery.

Automatic and Semi-automatic Powered Roller Conveyor or Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor Systems move material efficiently through the strapping line.  Automated strapping lines are networked to the host computer and strapping and other instructions are electronically downloaded to a programmable controller at the strapping station.  Utilize professional strapping equipment to move your products swiftly, without sacrificing stability.  Components to the Automated Strapping Conveyor System include Pallet Centering Device, Pallet Centering Clamp, and Pallet Centering Arms and Guides.

There are many reasons for the use of strapping including bundling boxes together, pallet unitization, load containment, and more. Automated Strapping Conveyor Systems provide our customers with efficient and labor-reducing strapping solutions for products ranging from pallets to corrugated boxes.  Our strapping machinery will tension, friction weld the seal, and cut all in one operation which can easily be up to 20 times faster. Contact the System Integrators at Thomas Conveyor to discuss your next strapping or bundling application!

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