Automated Strapping Conveyor System

Automated Strapping Conveyor System, bands product on a pallet strapping line

TYPE: Automatic Strappers

MODEL: Strapping Equipment

Update your pallet banding line with a complete automated strapping conveyor system or with individual components.

Thomas Conveyor provides a wide range of automated strapping conveyor systems to meet your business’s individual needs.  Whether you need small scale plastic strapping equipment for small-business inventorying or heavy-duty steel strapping for industrial applications, we provide you with the systems, materials, and tools you need, all at competitive pricing and with prompt delivery.


  • Utilize professional strapping equipment to move your products swiftly, without sacrificing stability. 
  • Components to the automated strapping conveyor system include Pallet Centering Device, Pallet Centering Clamp, and Pallet Centering Arms and Guides.
  • Automated strapping conveyor systems provide our customers with efficient and labor-reducing strapping solutions for products ranging from pallets to corrugated boxes.


  • Our strapping machinery will tension, friction weld the seal, and cut all in one operation
  • Up to 20 times faster than individual processes


  • Bundling newspapers and piping
  • Sealing and reinforcing boxes and crates
  • Packaging meat, seafood and other food products
  • Heavy duty steel strapping is available for bricks, blocks, paver stones, and heavy palletizing.
  • Bundling boxes together, pallet unitization, load containment, and more.

How it Works

  • Automatic and Semi-automatic Powered Roller Conveyor or Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor Systems move material efficiently through the strapping line.
  • Automated strapping lines are networked to the host computer and strapping and other instructions are electronically downloaded to a programmable controller at the strapping station. 


  • Pallet Centering Unit
    Centers product for banding or bundling on the pallet strapping line
  • Pallet Load Centering Clamp
    Secures product for strapping on the pallet strapping conveyor lines
  • Pallet Centering Guides
    Arms/Guides direct product into a center configuration on a pallet strapping conveyor line
  • Unit/Pallet Load lift and Rotate (Iron Cross)
    Lifts and rotates a load 90° in applications such as load labeling or strapping

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