Belted Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Conveyor Systems

A Belted MDR is a motorized driven roller (MDR) modified with a splined aluminum tube and fitted with an MDR sprocket which allows the roller to drive the belt system.

TYPE: Powered Motorized Driven Roller Conveyors - 24 Volt MDR Conveyors

MODEL: Belted Motorized Driven Roller Smart Conveyor (MDR) System

A motorized driven roller (MDR) modified with a splined aluminum tube and fitted with an MDR sprocket which allows the roller to drive the belt system.

Uses for Belted Zones in Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Applications:

  • Handling of irregular or small packages which are problematic to convey on traditional roller bed conveyors
  • Handling of packages where prompt and reliable stopping is required which may be problematic to convey on a roller bed conveyor
  • Incline and decline applications where it is desirable to start and stop conveyors to accumulate packages on the incline or decline section of the conveyor
  • Check weigher or scale applications where a low costs motorized roller can be used in place of a standard drive to eliminate other drive train components

Operational Advantages

  • Higher friction levels between the product and the belt as compared to a roller zone
  • Ability to accumulate product on an inclined or declined zoned conveyor
  • A flat, continuous conveying surface free from valleys present on traditional roller zones
  • Quick and responsive acceleration and deceleration of packages and product
  • Potentially lower inertia than a close center roller zone
  • Potential lower cost than a close center roller zone
  • Fewer piece part counts than a roller zone (when applicable)

  MDR Conveyor Features Include:

  • Low power consumption
  • Long motor life
  • Achievement of desired speeds
  • Long belt life
  • Low maintenance
  • Zone lengths, frame widths, roller spacing, and speeds are all configurable to your application!
  • Walk-through lift gates are available allowing increased operator access without the extra weight of a standard conveyor
  • Low pressure washdown rated components (upon request)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • All drive components are “plug and play” resulting in minimal maintenance and fast troubleshooting/repairs
  • Common components are used throughout a line, resulting in fewer spare parts
  • Optional pneumatic stops, pushers, turners and casters


  • Diameter: 2.24" (57.0 mm)
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Brushless DC motor provides long life
  • ABEC 1 Bearings
  • 0.53" (13.5 mm) Hex Shaft
  • Supplied with 39.4" (1000 mm) Power Cable
  • IP54 Enclosure
  • Class E Insulation
  • Spring Loaded Shaft Roller
  • Operation:
    Cycle: 1s On; 1 Off
    Continuous or Intermittent Duty

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