Conveyor Casters

TYPE: Conveyor Supports

MODEL: Casters

Casters for Portable Conveyor Applications

Our high-quality caster wheels are designed to handle your most challenging operations so that your business can be more efficient.


  • Steel or rubber wheels
  • Available in either rigid, swivel type or V-grove casters
  • Floor locks and wheel brakes are also available
  • Standard wheel sizes are 4" and 6"
    * Please note that casters can limit the overall capacity of a conveyor
  • Two casters are supplied per support with enlarged mounting plate welded to legs
  • The capacity of each caster is up to 1150lbs
  • Angle track for v-groove is optional
  • Casters are easily bolted to conveyor floor supports for portable applications

Caster Code/Capacity
per Pair
Caster Code/Capacity
per Pair
4" Dia. Rubber Rigid 4RR/600 lbs. 4" Dia. Rubber Swivel w/Toe Brake 4RSB/-
4" Dia. Steel Rigid 4SR/700 lbs. 6" Dia. Rubber Rigid 6RR/1120 lbs.
4" Dia. V-Groove Rigid 4VR/- 6" Dia. Steel Rigid 6SR/1150 lbs.
4" Dia. Rubber Swivel 4RS/600 lbs. 6" Dia. Rubber Swivel 6RS/1120 lbs.
4" Dia. Steel Swivel 4SS/700 lbs. 6" Dia. Steel Swivel 6SS/1150 lbs.
4" Dia. V-Groove Swivel 4VS/- 6" Dia. Steel Swivel w/Brake 6SSB/-
Floor Lock for 4" Caster - Floor Lock for 6" Caster -


  • Casters: 4” dia. or 6” dia., steel or rubber, swivel or rigid, V-groove casters; floor locks, wheel brakes available.  Two casters supplied per support with enlarged mounting plate welded to legs.
  • Capacity: Up to 1150 lb. caster capacity. Consult factory for heavy duty casters.
  • Optional: Angle track for V-groove.

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