Conveyor Casters

TYPE: Manual Accessories

MODEL: Casters

Casters for Portable Conveyor Applications

Our high-quality caster wheels are designed to handle your most challenging operations so that your business can be more efficient.


  • Steel or rubber wheels
  • Available in either rigid, swivel type or V-grove casters
  • Floor locks and wheel brakes are also available
  • Standard wheel sizes are 4" and 6"
    * Please note that casters can limit the overall capacity of a conveyor
  • Two casters are supplied per support with enlarged mounting plate welded to legs
  • The capacity of each caster is up to 1150lbs
  • Angle track for v-groove is optional
  • Casters are easily bolted to conveyor floor supports for portable applications

Caster Code/Capacity
per Pair
Caster Code/Capacity
per Pair
4" Dia. Rubber Rigid 4RR/600 lbs. 4" Dia. Rubber Swivel w/Toe Brake 4RSB/-
4" Dia. Steel Rigid 4SR/700 lbs. 6" Dia. Rubber Rigid 6RR/1120 lbs.
4" Dia. V-Groove Rigid 4VR/- 6" Dia. Steel Rigid 6SR/1150 lbs.
4" Dia. Rubber Swivel 4RS/600 lbs. 6" Dia. Rubber Swivel 6RS/1120 lbs.
4" Dia. Steel Swivel 4SS/700 lbs. 6" Dia. Steel Swivel 6SS/1150 lbs.
4" Dia. V-Groove Swivel 4VS/- 6" Dia. Steel Swivel w/Brake 6SSB/-
Floor Lock for 4" Caster - Floor Lock for 6" Caster -

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Products specifications
Casters 4" dia. or 6" dai. steel or rubber, swivel or rigid, v-groove casters; floor locks, wheel brakes available. Two casters supplied per support with enlarged mounting plate welded to legs.
Capacity up to 1150 lbs. caster capacity. Consult for heavy duty casters.
Optional Angle track for V-groove.