Conveyor Rollers

Roach Light Duty Conveyor Rollers

TYPE: Conveyor Accessories

MODEL: Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Rollers allow a gravity conveyor to move the load without utilizing motor power sources, usually down an incline or through a person pushing the load along a flat conveyor. Rollers on a powered conveyor are driven by motors and drives.


  • Rollers for gravity and power applications come with an outside diameter from 1" to 3.5", wall from 7 gauges to 18 gauge, and are either galvanized, aluminum, or steel.
  • Rollers are set high in the frame for long lasting durability and optimal performance.


  • Gravity Rollers are used on conveyor lines in warehouses, shipping areas and assembly areas
  • Gravity Rollers will convey medium duty loads that have firm flat bottoms such as cartons, totes, skids and drums
  • Powered Rollers smoothly move material, components and packages for industrial applications
  • Powered Rollers move complex or flat bottom packages or components designed for medium to heavy duty applications in warehouses and factories  
  • Conveyor rollers are used on conveyor lines in packaging, manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, shipping areas, assembly areas, order fulfillment, automotive, food and beverage industries and more 


  • See PDF for roller specifications

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