Cruz Belt Conveyor

Cruz Belt Conveyor Incline

TYPE: Sortation Conveyors

The Cruz Belt Conveyor is commonly used to change elevation by inclining or declining in a sortation conveyor system.

The Cruz Belt Conveyor provides smooth, continuous, flat surface for conveying items not suitable for live-roller conveyors.  They are commonly used to change elevation by inclining or declining.   The Cruz Belt’s ideal application is minimum-pressure accumulation for stable products such as boxes, cartons or totes, or non-contact accumulation for delicate products like polybags and envelopes.  The Cruz Belt Conveyor is also appropriate for maximizing accumulation without powered conveyor when and elevation change is required.


  • Maximum product weight:  75lbs/foot
  • Configuration:  Horizontal or incline / decline up to 24 degrees
  • Center drive configuration
  • Speed Range:  30 fpm to 210 fpm 

The Cruz Belt Conveyor manufactured by MHS is a patented, self-aligning belt take-up and can provide initial belt tensioning in 45 seconds.  The high-quality monofilament belt is easy to track.  The Cruz Belt Conveyor is ideal for case conveying onto sortation conveyors with stable boxes as well as delicate packages.  Contact the experts at Thomas Conveyor when considering the Cruz Belt Conveyor for your next application!

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