Custom 90 Degree Barrel Upender

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TYPE: Morse Drum Handling

MODEL: 90 Degree Barrel Upender

Thomas Conveyor designed a custom 90° barrel upender for handling drums and barrels on a conveyor line.

The barrel upender features a two post cradle which allows the drums to be rolled into an upright position for loading and transport.  The unit works with drums and barrels of all tupes and sizes, empty and full and is compatible with plastic, steel, fiber or stainless steel drums and barrels.  Scrill down to learn more about this custom barrel upender's capabilities.

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  • Upender designed with a two post cradle which allows drums to be rolled or upended into an upright position
  • Once the barrel is in place, a photo-eye triggers a 24-volt limit switch which actuates the motor to raise the upender
  • The barrel/drum slides down the upender cradles and is positioned at a 90° angle
  • The receiving conveyor has cut-outs for the forks of the upender to advance through.  The barrel then positions itself upright on the CDLR powered rollers and is conveyed to its destination
  • The upender works with drums and barrels of all sizes, empty or full
  • Compatible with plastic, steel, fiber or stainless steel drums and barrels.

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