Custom Access Ramps

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment offers custom work platform and mezzanine access ramps.  Each product is tailor-made to your specific site and needs

Thomas Conveyor VRC Lift Access Brochure

TYPE: Mezzanine Stairs, Ladders, Landings and Ramps

MODEL: Custom Access Ramp

Custom access ramps can be tailored to your specific site and need. In a warehouse or factory, ramps can help to expand the effectiveness of a building without altering its permanent construction.

In warehouses, factories, or other production facilities, a ramp can expand the effectiveness of a buildings' accessibility without permanent construction. If a company changes locations, a modular ramp can be moved with them or relocated to another area should the field configuration change.


  • Stainless Steel and/or Powder Coated Construction
  • Serrated grating or diamond plated surface for slip resistant walking surfaces
  • Smooth apron transition for easy on and off
  • Smooth continuous handrails 
  • Non-corrosive and non-combustible
  • Customizable heights and slopes
  • Products are tailor-made to your specific site and needs
  • Units can be designed for permanent or relocatable and reconfigurable structures
  • Standard features include all-steel construction with serrated grating for traction and smooth aprons for minimal transitions
  • Sections can be added or removed to accommodate multiple thresholds
  • Designed to meet ADA guidelines
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Custom ramps can be configured to access mezzanines, landings and/or safety platforms, where stairs or a lift may not be the best option.

Thomas Conveyor automation engineers can improve your mobility safety and accessibility in a wide variety of environments utilizing combinations of metal stairs, landing platforms, crossover stairs, cage ladders and access ramping to meet any architectural need.

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