DL Series Heavy-Duty Lift Tables  provide heavy duty cargo handling and lifting

TYPE: Lift Tables


This hydraulic lift table is ideal for heavy duty cargo handling and lifting applications

Southworth’s DL Series Heavy-Duty Lift Tables provide heavy duty cargo handling and lifting.  The DL Series Heavy Duty Lift Table handles heavy industrial loads. Our heavy-duty lifts are highly customizable and meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable, national safety codes. Built in hydraulic overload relief this table protects personnel and structures. Heavy-plate platforms with structural reinforcements minimize deflection while the wide base provides increased rigidity and stability.  Common in industries where applications include heavy equipment assembly, vehicle loading and transfer, or high-capacity material lift conveying systems.

Ergonomics reduces costs to your business and improves quality and productivity. Ergonomic lifts create a better safety culture and improves employee engagement.  Ergonomic equipment promotes the general safety and health aspects of work environments for anyone with or in the vicinity of mechanical equipment; such as adjustable worker elevation platforms, containers tilters, lift tables, pallet rotators, stackers, and platform trucks.

Contact the experts at Thomas Conveyor to customize your Southworth’s DL Series Heavy-Duty Lift Table. Systems Integrators are available to assist with your application.

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