PalletPal Pallet Handler

Palletpal Automatic can safely lift pallets of material in manufacturing, distribution and production facilities

TYPE: Pallet Handling

MODEL: PalletPal Pallet Handler/Lifter

The PalletPal is an automatic pallet handling lifter with a turntable used for heavy duty product lifting applications.

PalletPal Automatic Lift Tables virtually eliminate lifting, bending, and stretching which are the primary causes of back injury.

Palletpal has several options including a line of pallet levelers and pallet handling equipment; including Airbag Levelers, Operator Controlled Levelers, Pallet Truck Accessible Levelers, Pallet Lift Tables and more, all designed to make pallet handling faster, safer and easier.

The spring level loader is ideal for most applications. It incorporates a turntable to allow nearside loading and a system of springs and shock absorbers which lower and raise the unit, as pallets are built up and broken down, to maintain a constant working height. No power or air supply is required. 

Pallet loads to 4,500 lbs. can be handled. Rugged tubular steel frames are used for loads up to 4500lbs. Heavy-duty springs are calibrated to bring pallets to the most convenient loading and unloading height.  A proven linkage design maintains level under uneven loading. A dampener provides a smooth, gradual raising and lowering action without overshoot or spring bounce. A low-friction bearing supported turntable is available for near-side loading and unloading.

Employees can work the PalletPal safely and easily, protecting your product and employees' from injury.

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